We are expert advisors and facilitators that inform and direct our clients on the benefits of aligning the people, processes, and technologies of their business to increase revenue, enhance performance and create a solid foundation for long-term success.
— Annie Allen, Owner and President of iSeek Solutions, Inc.


Annie M. Allen is a problem-solver with 30 years of experience helping organizations grow and thrive. Prior to founding iSeek, she held executive leadership roles in several Fortune 500 companies. In that capacity, she gained the discipline, expertise, and business acumen needed to lead individuals and teams to achieve extraordinary results. She capitalizes on her broad-based knowledge and experience, highly skilled and motivated colleagues, and multi-industry partnerships to ensure success for iSeek clients. 

About our team

The iSeek team brings together the talents of experienced professionals in a wide range of verticals, such as banking and insurance, education, healthcare, state and local government and more. Our team is committed to ensuring your success through leadership, vision, and proven methodologies. Regardless of your industry or the size of your organization, we can help you achieve your business goals and objectives through our solutions.


The elegant lighthouse, a symbol of guidance and protection, has long captured our collective imagination. As a beacon in the darkness, it illuminates a path that guides wayward ships to safety. That’s why we at iSeek have chosen it as our emblem. Our expert staff shines a light on your business challenges and guides you through dangerous waters. While we can’t calm the sea, we can help you navigate today’s risks and challenges, leading your organization not only to safety, but also to long-term prosperity.