technology consulting

iSeek’s Technology Consulting professionals develop winning strategies that align the right technologies with your business goals. We take an enterprise-wide view and assess the best ways to utilize available resources to produce optimal results. We exceed for our clients when we are tasked with analyzing and enhancing hardware and software investments, performing technology evaluations and benefit analysis, architecting and deploying technology to ensure business + technology alignment, and optimal performance and expense management. Our experts have assumed many key roles, including:

Interim CIO, Insurance
Led a major insurance company’s IT organization, including day-to-day support for hardware and infrastructure, budgeting and administration, and management of subcontractors.

Organizational Consultant, Municipal Government
Performed a human capital and organizational assessment of the processes, policies, procedures, tools, and personnel at a large metropolitan IT department; provided industry-standard comparisons and recommendations for optimal performance.

IT Consultant and Project Manager, University
In cooperation with a trusted technology partner, assisted a university’s IT organization with procuring and deploying technology to upgrade the IT backbone and infrastructure to support the university's business and academic objectives.

IT Consultant and Project Manager, Municipal Government 
In cooperation with a trusted technology partner, oversaw system architecture and development of the methodology, technical and procedural tools, and communication processes to migrate 6,500+ desktops within a city's organization from an existing operating system to Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. 

IT Analyst, Non-profit
Analyzed the communication services of a statewide non-profit agency and recommended new technologies and workflows to maximize resources.